2022 Amsterdam


ESCD Congress 2022: Amsterdam, Holland 8–10 June 2020 2020 conference postponed by Covid For booking, registration, accommodation and submission of abstracts visit www.escd2022.com Awards/Prizes for 2022 The Jan Wahlberg prize at 1,000 Euros will be awarded by a panel of experts appointed by the Executive Committee. The prize is aimed and presented to a young researcher < 45 years old, who provides work that has been published, or submitted for publication in the field of contact dermatitis. Applications including an introductory letter, all relevant papers and a CV should be made via e-mail to secretary@escd.org. The closing date for applications will be determined by the ESCD. The winner is expected to give a 30min keynote presentation of their work during the Congress. There are six travel grants available at 500 Euros each for those who have had an abstract accepted to the Congress. If you plan to apply for one of these awards, then please wait until your abstract has been accepted and then forward this confirmation to secretary@escd.org including the abstract and a short CV. The closing date for the applications is 15 March 2020. All applications will be judged by the Executive Committee. All applicants will be informed of the decision before the Congress begins. The grants will be handed out at the Awards Ceremony on the last day of the Congress. There will be 4 poster prizes awarded at 500 Euros each. Judging will be performed by a panel of judges appointed by the Scientific Committee in the following four areas: Epidemiology/clinical; Occupational; Treatment/prevention/education; Immunology/chemistry/genetics. It is expected that presenters should be available for questioning, standing next to their posters, during the coffee break on the Friday morning of the Congress. The prizes will be handed out at the Awards Ceremony on the last day of the Congress.  

Past congresses

If you have details of previous congresses, which we can archive on this page, please secretary@escd.org