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Edited By: Wolfgang Uter
Online ISSN: 1600-0536

Contact Dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis is designed primarily as a journal for clinicians who are interested in various aspects of environmental dermatitis. This includes both allergic and irritant (toxic) types of contact dermatitis, occupational (industrial) dermatitis and consumers’ dermatitis from such products as cosmetics and toiletries. The journal aims at promoting and maintaining communication among dermatologists, industrial physicians, allergists and clinical immunologists, as well as chemists and research workers involved in industry and the production of consumer goods. Papers are invited on clinical observations, diagnosis and methods of investigation of patients, therapeutic measures, organisation and legislation relating to the control of occupational and consumers’ contact dermatitis, preventive measures and educational advice.

Papers concerned with the immunology of allergic contact dermatitis are invited for the purpose of bringing to the notice of the clinician, knowledge of important recent advances in the understanding of its theoretical basis, as well as papers on the physiology and pathology of the horny layer and epidermis in relation to its disturbance in the genesis of irritant dermatitis. A major section is devoted to Short Communications for the presentation of information on new contact allergens and dermatitic chemicals or other substances. An important objective of the Editor and Publisher is the rapid processing of submitted manuscripts, so that an early decision can be made on their acceptance, and final publication can be expedited by a short printing time.


Contact Dermatitis, COD, skin disease, allergy, cutaneous allergy, dermatology, dermatitis, occupational dermatitis, environmental medicine