Benefits of membership

Membership in the ESCD offers the following benefits:

  1. journal access (online and/or print*) to the Contact Dermatitis, which is world-leading in this sub-specialty field,
  2. online access to Patch Testing 5th Edition (2022)
  3. reduced fees for the ESCD congresses scheduled every two years in attractive European locations, offering a varied, ambitious scientific and social programme,
  4. reduced fees for specialist courses like on chemistry of contact allergy, occupational contact dermatitis and other topics.

*print journal is at heavily reduced price

You may be one of the following types of member:

  • Dermatologist or an occupational physician and contact dermatitis is a professional field of interest and expertise of yours. You are a clinical specialist on a local, regional or national level, and want to stay tuned with current research and clinical experience among an international peer group.
  • Early-stage researcher, for instance, a PhD student, and your field of research is in the surprisingly varied realm of contact dermatitis or contact allergy. You want to get in touch both with other young researchers, to share experiences, and with the leading experts in the field. If you are younger than 35, the ESCD offers junior membership at a reduced price, giving access to exactly the same benefits as pertinent for the more senior researcher, listed above. We would like to stress that the small size of our society, augmented by the enthusiasm for our scientific field, translates into normally very easy accessibility of everyone involved – ie, no “big shots”, “opinion leaders” etc. whom you can not approach.
  • Science researcher (biology, immunology, chemistry, information sciences…), whether in academia or industry and deal with contact dermatitis/contact allergy either as your main focus or as one of many areas of interest. Membership benefits will enable you to present your scientific results to a very mixed auditorium. The possibility to meet with clinical experts in a friendly, productive atmosphere has always proven very helpful for mutual understanding and inspiring for targeting or fine-tuning further research.
  • Administrator in the field of contact dermatitis/contact allergy, eg, in a regulatory body or competent authority. You want to keep up-to-date concerning the special aspects directly pertinent for your work, but also want to have a more general perspective on contact dermatitis and contact allergy. Becoming a member of the ESCD will provide access to relevant information as outlined in Reason A and the possibility of exchange with your immediate peers, basic scientists or clinicians in the context of courses or congresses.

For all of you potential members of the ESCD, do not underestimate the possibility to build up a network. Many say that, beyond the scientific information and discussion offered by the programme of courses and congresses, more than half of the benefit is to meet like-minded peers, shape new ideas, and get into co-operation.

Updated 2022

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