4th Edition of ‘Patch Testing’ by A.C. de Groot has been published

the 4th Edition of  ‘Patch Testing’ has been published. It provides patch test concentrations and vehicles for 4900 chemicals and substances, for some 100 groups of chemically or functionally related chemicals and nearly 200 (finished) products. In addition, lists are provided of chemicals which have caused photosensitivity, immediate contact reactions and patch test sensitization.

This new Edition consists of 600 pages and has nearly 1000 literature references. Improvements in this edition include

  1. the addition of CAS numbers to all chemicals, the consistent use of INCI names for main entries
  2. the positioning of prefixes (cis-, dl-, tert-, p-, bis- etc.) and figures (2,4-, 1,3,5- etc.) before the names
  3. prefixes are now italicized according to chemistry convention (e.g., cis-, dl-, tert-, p-, o-, m-, d-, l-, trans, N-, R-, S-)
  4.  corrections of previously incorrectly spelled names (mistakes and imperfections came to light when looking for CAS numbers).

More information on the book and its contents can be found at www.patchtesting.info