Call for ESCD research project funding 2019

A call for research funding is hereby announced for members of the ESCD. The project must relate to the objectives of the ESCD and thus promote the understanding and increase the knowledge on fields of interest for the ESCD such as cutaneous allergy, contact dermatitis, occupational and environmental dermatoses. The budget is limited to €10,000

How to apply:
Apply online

Deadline 2 August 2019. Winner announced 27 September 2019.

The Executive Committee of the ESCD will appoint neutral expert evaluators after having reviewed the applications.

Final report:
The PI shall submit a report on the major results of the project and an account of the money used. The report shall be sent to the Secretary of the Society no later than 6 months after the termination of the project. The report with the major results will be presented on the website.

Presentation of results: 
The PI, with collaborators, are encouraged to present results from the project at scientific meetings/congresses and in scientific publications, for example at the biannual ESCD congress and in the Journal of Contact Dermatitis when suitable. The funding from the ESCD should be acknowledged in these presentations.