Contact Dermatitis journal changes

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

Wiley has informed the Executive Committee about some changes to Contact Dermatitis journal in 2022.

They will move to so-called ‘institutional print only’ (IPO) next year. This means that ESCD members can no longer get paper copies of the journal but only digital access. The number of print subscriptions has for years been so low that it is economically unviable. They also want to reduce the impact of print on the environment.

We are aware of the disappointment of many members who have enjoyed reading a paper copy of the journal. However, Wiley plans to set up a new model for ordering print copies through a printer in the US with a substantial society discount for the ESCD members. Details of this arrangement have not yet been decided.

Wishing all of you the very best and welcoming you to the ESCD Congress in Amsterdam 8–10 June 2022

On behalf of the ESCD executive committee,
Kristiina Aalto-Korte
President of the ESCD