Fragrances and Essential Oils (Vol. 2 of “Monographs in Contact Allergy”) by Anton de Groot out now

Anton de Groot has just published a new book in the recently started series “Monographs in Contact Allergy”, namely, the second volume on “Fragrances and Essential Oils”. This is a follow-up to the first volume, in two parts, on “Non-fragrance allergens in cosmetics”. The new release has 946 pages, in an approximately A4 format, has 946 pages and weights almost 5 kg. No wonder, as overall 165 fragrance substances, 16 plant constituents as well as 79 essential oils (several with different variants) are featured in short monographs. In case of the fragrances (self-)regulatory standards, as far as in place, are mentioned, and references have been added to all chapters. Structural formulas complement information on single substances. The part on essential oils greatly benefits from the co-operation with Erich Schmidt, with whom Anton de Groot has already published a reference work on the constituents of essential oil. That work is probably mainly interesting for basic scientists, also in industry, or regulatory agencies, while the present work is clearly targeting the interested dermatologist and allergy specialist. The price is 155 GBP ( and thus evidently not light-weight – as the book itself – but considering the immense amount of work which went into this reference, it is certainly worth every Pound (or Euro or Dollar). BTW, I don’t own stocks of acdegroot Publishing and neither receive any benefits (apart from holding one copy of this great works in my hands).

Wolfgang Uter, 8.3.2019