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ESCD Congress 2020 postponed to 14-16 December 2020

13 March, 2020

Due to COVID-19 situation, the organising committee for the ESCD Congress 2020 has postponed to 14-16 December 2020

There is more information on the congress website.

Questions regarding cancellation, refunds, registration can only be answered by the Congress secretariat email: and not by the ESCD

ESCD travel grants – we will post new information within a few weeks.

Further details to follow.

President elect announcement soon

2 March, 2020

Until the formal nomination date we have received one candidate for the position of the President elect (President who starts his/her work in the Executive committee of the ESCD after election at the ESCD 2020 Amsterdam and will be current president after Kristiina Aalto-Korte).

A short summary on the candidate will be posted soon under Amsterdam 2020.

European Baseline series seeking comments

27 January, 2020

The group is seeking comments on proposed updated criteria for including allergens in the EBS building on previously published work. A bullet point summary can be downloaded below:

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Please send reasoned opinion to Mark Wilkinson  who is coordinating responses for the group by 1 March 2020.

Follow ESCD 2020 on social media

27 January, 2020

The ESCD 2020 organising committee is active on social media.

We hope this will create awareness with young researchers within this field to engage in ESCD activities, such as attending the congress and becoming a member of the ESCD.

Please follow along on any or all of the platforms below:

Preparations for new hand eczema guidelines

13 November, 2019

Would members with clinical experience with hand eczema and recent documented research, please participate in establishing a working group?

The group will discuss guideline changes over email and video calls, write the guidelines to the agreed deadline* and attend a meeting at the congress in Amsterdam on Wednesday 17 June 2020. * Submission to Contact Dermatitis in October 2020

If you are interested, please email by 5 December or sooner.

ESCD Congress 2020

21 August, 2019

The Congress of the European Society of Contact Dermatitis is designed to provide a forum for experts from around the world to present and discuss cutting-edge issues. Delegates are anticipated to include clinicians, scientists and members of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

The meeting program from June 17-20, 2020 will reflect areas of current scientific and clinical interest in all aspects of contact dermatitis and allergic skin disease. There will be opportunities for free communications, either as oral or poster presentations. Time will be available for informal discussion. The exhibition space will provide an ideal opportunity for exhibitors to interact with leaders in the field.

The Conference Centre Beurs van Berlage is situated in the heart of Amsterdam with easy access by air, rail and road. June is an excellent time to visit Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands.

Register before 1 February 2020 and enjoy the lower early bird fee!



Call for ESCD research project funding 2019

30 April, 2019

A call for research funding is hereby announced for members of the ESCD. The project must relate to the objectives of the ESCD and thus promote the understanding and increase the knowledge on fields of interest for the ESCD such as cutaneous allergy, contact dermatitis, occupational and environmental dermatoses. The budget is limited to €10,000

How to apply:
Apply online

Deadline 2 August 2019. Winner announced 27 September 2019.

The Executive Committee of the ESCD will appoint neutral expert evaluators after having reviewed the applications.

Final report:
The PI shall submit a report on the major results of the project and an account of the money used. The report shall be sent to the Secretary of the Society no later than 6 months after the termination of the project. The report with the major results will be presented on the website.

Presentation of results: 
The PI, with collaborators, are encouraged to present results from the project at scientific meetings/congresses and in scientific publications, for example at the biannual ESCD congress and in the Journal of Contact Dermatitis when suitable. The funding from the ESCD should be acknowledged in these presentations.

ESCD “best paper award” 2018/2

11 March, 2019

The ESCD “Best Paper Award” 2/2018 has been awarded for the contribution “Activation of T cells by dendritic cells exposed to a reference sensitizer: Towards a promising model to assess the allergenic potential of chemicals” by Isabelle Sponne et al., National Institute for Research and Safety (INRS), Dept. of Toxicology and Biometrology, Rue du Morvan, CS 60027, 54019 Vandœvre-lès-Nancy, France. It has been published in Contact Dermatitis 2018 Aug;79(2):67-75, see

Wolfgang Uter, 11 March 2019

Fragrances and Essential Oils (Vol. 2 of “Monographs in Contact Allergy”) by Anton de Groot out now

11 March, 2019

Anton de Groot has just published a new book in the recently started series “Monographs in Contact Allergy”, namely, the second volume on “Fragrances and Essential Oils”. This is a follow-up to the first volume, in two parts, on “Non-fragrance allergens in cosmetics”. The new release has 946 pages, in an approximately A4 format, has 946 pages and weights almost 5 kg. No wonder, as overall 165 fragrance substances, 16 plant constituents as well as 79 essential oils (several with different variants) are featured in short monographs. In case of the fragrances (self-)regulatory standards, as far as in place, are mentioned, and references have been added to all chapters. Structural formulas complement information on single substances. The part on essential oils greatly benefits from the co-operation with Erich Schmidt, with whom Anton de Groot has already published a reference work on the constituents of essential oil. That work is probably mainly interesting for basic scientists, also in industry, or regulatory agencies, while the present work is clearly targeting the interested dermatologist and allergy specialist. The price is 155 GBP ( and thus evidently not light-weight – as the book itself – but considering the immense amount of work which went into this reference, it is certainly worth every Pound (or Euro or Dollar). BTW, I don’t own stocks of acdegroot Publishing and neither receive any benefits (apart from holding one copy of this great works in my hands).

Wolfgang Uter, 8.3.2019