President’s letter (July 2022)

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

Amsterdam congress
The ESCD Congress in Amsterdam took place one month ago, 8–10 June 2022, after having been postponed several times due to the Covid epidemic.

Left to right: Marie-Louise Schuttelaar, Kriistina Aalto-Korte, Jeanne Duus Johansen

It was a huge success with more than 400 attendees, a multitude of scientific presentations, exchange of ideas and a very exciting social program. Thank you to all of you for contributing, and very special thanks to the organizational team led by Marie-Louise Schuttelaar.

Next Congresses

For your diaries, we’d like to remind you that the next congress will be in Dresden,
Germany, 4–7 September 2024, following which we’ll be Dublin, Ireland for 2026.

Updated Executive Committee

At the General Assembly in the Congress a renewed Executive Committee was appointed to serve for the next two years (2022–2024).

We are very excited to work with the council of national representatives and all the ESCD members to expand and further develop our Society.

New Taskforce: can you help?

A matter of priority for the ESCD is finding solutions to the difficult situation regarding
availability of patch test allergens, where a shortage is already seen in some countries due to a change in legal status of patch test allergens in the EU. An ESCD taskforce on ‘Legal matters concerning patch test materials’ has been constituted with Swen John from Osnabruck, Germany as chair. We welcome all members who are interested to join.

View the terms of reference and how to join (deadline 31 August 2022)

Updated series for 2023: invitation to comment

The European Baseline Series taskforce has developed an updated series for 2023 on
which you’re all invited to comment. Please view the document which includes how to respond. Deadline 31 August 2022

Journal IF

We are happy to announce that the new Impact Factor for the ESCD journal: Contact
Dermatitis is 6.4 for 2021, which is still high (IF 2020 was 6.6). This is very satisfying and due to a huge collective effort from all of us, authors, reviewers, editorial boards, editors, and publisher. A heartfelt thank you all.

We wish you all a very nice summer.

On behalf of the ESCD executive committee,
Jeanne Duus Johansen
President of the ESCD