Patch Testing Book

Patch Testing Book

The full text of Anton de Groot’s well-known book Patch Testing ​

(5th edition, 2022) is available to all members of the society. ​

A big thank you from The Executive Committee goes out to ​

Dr de Groot for his generous donation of the book. ​

ESCD members can access ‘Patch Testing’ below.

More information

Patch Testing 5th Edition contains information on patch test concentrations and vehicles for defined chemicals, mixtures of defined chemicals, plant-derived substances, products, and groups of either chemically or functionally related substances and chemicals, as published in literature. In addition, data are provided which may directly or indirectly influence decision making relevant to patch test procedures and which enable the investigator to easily locate more detailed information.​

The book contains:​

5200 chemicals with patch test concentrations and vehicles​

2350 synonyms and 200 abbreviations​

CAS numbers​

INCI nomenclature for cosmetic ingredients and fragrances​

full data from all major textbooks and the journals Contact Dermatitis, American Journal of Contact Dermatitis and Dermatitis​

patch test concentrations and vehicles for products​

patch test concentrations and vehicles for groups of chemicals​

reference to the Merck Index online database​

reference to the Personal Care Products Council On-Line INFOBASE​

reports of photosensitivity, contact urticaria, and patch test sensitization​

additional information relevant for patch testing​

commercial availability of allergens​

fully referenced (1086 references)​

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